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A sound judgement or how I decided to stop worrying and to start a podcast

So, I have had an idea rummaging around in my head for a while, and around Christmas I made a decision: I want to start a podcast centred in the roleplaying and board gaming community I’m part of in Denmark. I love listening to podcasts, and I’m missing one that highlights the great work being done with game design in Denmark, particularly when it comes to the scenarios written for Fastaval in particular, but also for Viking Con, Vintersol, Projekt Særimner and (I’m assuming) the Stockholm Scenario Festival. Of course, it’s also a good excuse to satisfy my curiosity as to how all the many different scenarios work.

So what is the content going to be?

First and foremost, I want the podcast to focus on dialogues and interviews – me talking to somebody with something interesting to tell. I’ve listened to many different kinds of podcasts, and while podcasts consisting mainly or solely of one person narrating can really shine, they take a lot more work to do well, and I don’t really want to be the expert expounding on this or that topic. I’d much rather be the journalist interviewing the most interesting people I can get my grubby little mike in front of.

Secondly, I want the main focus to be on game design in scenarios and roleplaying games, with secondary foci on the roleplaying community and on board game design.

As such, I’ll want to do interviews with scenariowrights about their scenarios, but also with GM’s, Otto judges and those responsible for picking out scenarios for the big conventions to get a broad view of the state of the art.

I’d also want to interview some of the board game designers about their games, and people from around the community about the dynamics and the history of the roleplaying community in Denmark.

So what now?

I need to finish Fastaval before I do much more on it. Then I need to finalise a format for it, acquire some theme music and a few jingles and figure out the logistics of hosting. I would also like to line up a few episodes, so that by the time I launch, I have a little bit of a backlog.

For now, it’s still in development. I would like some input, though. Would you listen to a podcast like this? Which topics should I take up? Which questions would you like answered? And by whom?