[Game Chef 2013] Brain Bugs vs Cyber Minds

So, I have now finished my game for Game Chef. This is where I post it for reviewing pleasure. I would welcome feedback!

Brain Bugs vs Cyber Minds

I had a bit of a crisis in the end, when I suddenly decided I needed to change the Awareness Meter (counting upwards to 20) to an Awareness Countdown (counting down to 0). I hope I got it all fixed. Anyway, now off to post on the official thread.

Edit: And here’s a pdf: Brain Bugs and Cyber Minds.

I didn’t make one at first, because I know from my work that, though pdf’s made from Word are usually accessible, this is not always true. As accessibility is one of the requirements for submission, I wanted to make sure it was accessible. (And accessible in this context means it can be read by people with screen readers – that is, blind people).


5 responses to this post.

  1. Vil du ikke lave en pdf, i stedet?


  2. Done. I didn’t post it at first, because it was a requirement that it was in an accessible format, and I didn’t have a lot of time to get it up. And from my work I know that pdfs aren’t always accessible. I do think pdfs created from Word are usually accessible, but Word files should be accessible.


  3. Yea, I could read it of course, but the graphics was definitely not placed where you wanted them to be. The PDF looks much nicer (read: no text and graphics in the same place).


  4. Huh, that’s odd. On my computer, it looks fine. Which program are you using?


  5. Some version of LibreOffice. But in general you shouldn’t assume that border and placement information is conserved properly between office versions with .docs (not even between different versions of the same program).


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