FictioVal Kthulu Kindergarten

(Please note: this is a preview of a (until further notice) fictional scenario)

“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu Rylyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”

“No! It’s R’lyeh, not Rylyeh!”
“Sorry, Frank.”
“And Jennie – you need to die when we cut your throat. Otherwise,Cthulhu won’t come!”
“Don wanna,” Jennie said defiantly, sitting down onto the ground.
“Don wanna play more.”
“But Jennie! Great Cthulhu won’t come unless we sacrifice you!”
“Don wanna tullu. Wanna go inside now.”
Something is strange in the Arkham Woodland Wonders Kindergarten. Why do the kids from the Green Cabin all look so strange? What is it that is running around in the woods, the thing that all the kids have seen but none of the adults? What are the strange noices emmanating from the staff meetings? And why do all the kids have the same bad dream every day during naptime? The one with that icky thing in the water?
Francis is certain something is going on. Something the adults don’t want them to know. And as the oldest kid there at almost six-and-a-half, it’s his responsibility to find out what it is and protect the other kids.
But a real investigator doesn’t work alone. He needs a partner – like Billy Dyer. And maybe a secretary. And while Sarah Jennings is the perfect secretary, that means her little sister, Jennie, wants to tag along. And somehow they can’t seem to get rid of that Danforth kid.
Kthulhu Kindergarten is an Cthulhu investigation scenario with a twist. You play Francis W. Thurston and his friends as they follow strange clues, fight diminutive cultist, drink their milk and (one of them at least) have their nappies changed. All in a race to uncover the secrets and tell their parents before The Stars Are Right.


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