Things I wish I could play

So, my synopsis for a scenario was accepted – hoorah! I’ll be talking a lot more about that in the weeks and months to come. For now, here are some scenarios I can already now tell I’d wish I had time at Fastaval to play:
– Zombieval: Zombies at Fastaval? General Bobama as a zombie? Awesome!
– Heart’s blood: I am a little unsure about this – but I like the Dracula story, so an rpg based on it has a natural attraction.
– Lydia’s funeral: I heard the creator talking about it, and it sounds like it must be loads of fun.
– Eventyrere og Elefanter (Adventurers and Elephants): A scenario about roleplayers in an alternative 1800? Sounds fun!
– Any given Festtag: A bloodbowl scenario sounds like fun – and I know Johs can deliver.
– Spor: Alex is a legend in Danish roleplaying – and if her novels are anything to go by, she knows how to make visceral drama. Mix that with the bleak, Danish Fusion setting, and it must be worth your while.
– Metropolis: Sounds very interesting. Also, it’s really great LARP is returning to Fastaval.

This is a quick list. I look forward to seeing more of the scenarios. And yes, I CAN be hired as a proofreader, in the right circumstances.


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