New version of Lady Blackbird

It would appear that there’s a new version of Lady Blackbird available. As far as I’ve been able to see from a quick glance, the update adds ideas for obstacles, which are also a sneaky way of presenting ideas for scenes, as well as some actual character sheets for the characters and a list of new secrets. That, and a 3D model of the Owl that I don’t remember from the first version. There might be more differences, but I haven’t studied it closely enough.

This certainly improves the likelyhood of me running the game. One of my main critiscisms of the game was that I wasn’t sure how to run it – where to start, what to do then? The new suggested obstacles gives me a list of things the author considers appropriate, thus helping me find my feet when running it. This is great news to me; I always thought it looked neat, but I couldn’t figure out quite how to get a hold of it. That’s easier now.

Find it here.


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