[Reading Group] And the next piece is…

I have, by a unanimous vote (Johs was the man, and the vote was his) been chosen to select the next scenario for the reading group.
That left me to decide which criteria to use. One of the great things about the reading group has been getting to read many different and interesting shapes the genre “scenario” can take. So I could definitely choose something that I really want to read.
On the other hand, one of the main reasons for this whole endeavour is to highlight scenarios that have not received enough attention, scenarios that we think other people should read – and play, of course.

And so, these are the scenarios I considered, but didn’t choose (a list I provide as much for my own benefit, so that I may come back to it next time I have to choose):

  • Den Gale Kong George: I played this at my first Fastaval, and was very impressed with it. Besides, I would like to read one of Mikkel’s scenarios, but have never gotten around to it. HOWEVER: It’s not as if Mikkel needs advertising, being already one of the brightest stars in the Fastaval sky.
  • Dragens Dom: I’ve read, but not played this scenario. It looks neat – HOWEVER I have no personal experience with it, and since I’ve already read it, I would rather read something else.
  • Occulus Tertius: I played this a long, looong time ago – in fact, it may have been my first Fastaval scenario ever. HOWEVER: I have no idea about the qualities of it, and remember it as a rather conventional game – so I don’t really want to endorse it before I’ve read it.
  • Memoratoriet: I’ve always been curious about this game. Besides, it’s a larp, and I want to further larps as a scenario form. HOWEVER Morten was one of the writers on Memoratoriet, so it wouldn’t be proper for him to review it. Besides, I want to play it, not read it. And is it even available online?

This leaves this as my choice:

  • Nantunaku Manga, by Malik Hyltoft. This was the first scenario I played at Fastaval 2005, and I had the great privilege of having Malik as GM for it. It won the Audience Otto that year, something I thought was well deserved – it was the same year I played Den Gale Kong George, and while that was quite an experience, it was nowhere near as much fun as Nantunaku Manga. Since then, I have run it a couple of time, and I have a great fondness for it – for several reasons that I shall not gush about here, but wait until the proper review, so that a) you’ll have a reason to read that, and b) my co-reviewers won’t be influenced by me in their reading of the scenario.

And there you have it. I am anxious to know whether you will be as fond of it as I have been, and whether my recollection of it can stand up to scrutiny.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Memoratoriet: Det rare sted is available online. It is at Alexandria.dk
    Part of its design-criteria was that it should just as available as any other scenario, thus it can be downloaded, and we can proudly claim, that it has been set up at three different con’s. Yay.


  2. One of the reasons I – personally – think these reviews and reading group is cool is because I really want to read the ‘rylle’scenarios.

    I have read Nantunaku Manga and is not interested in rereading it and because it is not a ryllescenario I do have no reason to review it. I do not want to argue with your choice. But I just hope the next scenario is from Rylledatabase, so I participate again.

    Have a good read boy.


  3. I’ve played Nantonangu Manga twice as a GM, once at Fastaval the year it won. I like it, but would prefer a scenario from the Rylle collection. None the less I’ll contribute with a review.


  4. Øv, jeg er dårlig til at formuler mig på engelsk.
    Men der skulle havde stået:
    “Have a good read boys” – i flertal altså.


  5. Posted by eliashelfer on November 6, 2009 at 4:25 pm


    I seem to have forgotten that the original mission statement was to read “Projekt Rlyeh scenarios,” and thought we were reviewing “Otto winners on Alexandria.”

    Seeing how every other member of the reading group has objected to Nantonagu Manga, I will change my selection. We will instead read Tropical Zombies, a game I ran when I was in Wales, and which provided me with great amusement at that time.

    It was also one of two I forgot in my rundown above – the other was Arken.


  6. Posted by Simon James Pettitt on November 6, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    Not all in the reading group have objected to it, I haven’t. But I think that’s it’s a good change.
    And when we are done with the reading the Rlyeh scenarios we can always move on to the Otto winners. (In about ten years time).
    So yes, let’s do the Zombies, but I personally would still like to hear what you have to say about Nantonangu Manga, as I have heard good things about it.


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